Dr. Ravindra Dargainya

Dermatologist, Cosmetologist,

Trichologist, Allergy Specialist, STI/AIDS Consultant

Dr. Prachi Dargainya

Physiotherapist & Nutritionist,

Skilled in Orthopaedic Injuries, Aches and Pain, Bell’s Palsy, Paralysis, Ante/Post Natal Consultation.

Perfection is our priority

What is the most important thing for a patient?
  • Our Skin Clinic specializes in “natural rejuvenation (anti-aging)” and “creating beautiful skin (solving skin problems), based on advanced aesthetic dermatological medicine, and provides the latest cosmetic medical techniques that are safe and effective.
  • The first step for obtaining beautiful skin in our concept is to determine the causes of skin problems.
  • At Dr Ravindra’s Skin Clinic, we provide careful counseling by spending a sufficient period of time on the first consultation, and find out the cause of your exact problem upon considering not only symptoms but also your lifestyle.
  • Then, Dr. Ravindra creates a program for beautiful skin, which is most suitable for the problem and symptom of each patient, based on the correct diagnosis.
  • Once the most suitable therapeutic protocol is established for a patient, we will provide careful treatment upon confirming the process, in order to reach the best result in a short period of time.
  • You will experience the high level of effectiveness with our treatment which will thoroughly improve your skin using our original process for beautiful skin that is completely established and proven.
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