Under Eye Dark Circles

What causes under eye dark circles?

Under eye dark circles could be a temporary problem or a persistent one. While some people complain of dark circles due to overwork and lack of sleep, some have persistent dark circles. Persisent darkness could be because of actual pigmentation or the eyes may apparently appear dark due to various reasons. They could be because of thin tranlucent skin around the eyes thru which the dilated veins are seen making it appear dark.

Sunken eyes also appear darker. Anemia makes the skin pale and cause the area around the eyes to appear dark. Some people may have actual pigmentation around eyes such as due to friction, hereditary causes or pigmentation demarcation line. Sometimes continued allergy to a kajal can also cause pigmentation around eyes.

Can sun exposure cause under eye dark circles?

No. But exposure to the sun can exacerbate your under dark circles. Sunlight darkens the skin by raising melanin levels and bringing melanin to the surface of the skin. These boosted melanin levels make under eye dark circles look darker.

Is there a link between allergies and under eye dark circles?

Yes. Allergies frequently cause the eyes to feel itchy. Rubbing the eyes and the skin around the eyes makes under eye dark circles even darker.

How to get rid of under eye dark circles?

Firstly, your doctor will help you to identify the cause of under eye dark circles. Then, if there is a aggravating cause such as sun, kajal, friction, anemia, inadequate sleep or stress, they need to be treated. Then depending on the cause, the treatment will vary.

What is the treatment for sunken eyes?

Sunken eyes need to be filled up with filler injection containing hyaluronic acid.

What is the treatment for thin skin around eyes?

Thin skin around eyes causing pigmentation is very difficult to treat as even mild treatment can cause bruising. Under eye creams containing Retinol and Vitamin K are the best options.

How to treat actual pigmentation around the eyes?

One has to start using a sunscreen in the day time. Then depending on the depth of pigmentation, one needs to apply certain creams.

Following Procedure is very effective for under eye dark circles –

Chemical peels

Filler/Dermal Filler/Skin Filler.

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