Microneedling RF (Radio Frequency)

What is microneedling RF (Radio Frequency)?

The microneedling RF (Radio Frequency) involves penetration of microneedles into the skin to deliver radiofrequency pulse into the targeted skin. This results in the body’s own production of elastin and collagen fibres, making skin firmer and healthier. It is very safe and useful procedure.

How microneedling RF (Radio Frequency) works?

The microneedles are driven directly into the skin at a certain depth, and radiofrequency energy is then released inside of the skin. This gives deep tissue warming that will then stimulate remodelling of elastin and collagen. Result tight skin, less fine lines and wrinkles and less scars.

What are indications of microneedling RF (Radio Frequency)?

• Fine lines and wrinkles.

• Skin tightening.

• Skin rejuvenation.

• Reduction of pore size.

• Skin brightening.

• Scar revision.

• Stretch marks reduction.

• Deep acne scars, ice pick scars, atrophic scars, burn and operation scars.

What are the contraindications of this procedure?

• Active infection on treatment site.

• Keloidal tendency.

• Sensitive Skin.

• Uncontrolled diabetes.

What are the advantages of microneedling RF (Radio Frequency) procedure?

• Safe.

• Easy.

• Very effective.

• It does not take much time to do the procedure.

• Dermatologist can do this procedure in OPD basis.

What are the disadvantages of this procedure?

• To find desire results, you have to do many sittings.

How much time required to do the procedure?

whole face would take approximately 20-30 minutes to do depending on the area and pain threshold.

How much gap require between two microneedling RF (Radio Frequency) procedures?

4 to 6 weeks.

How many sittings required?

Depends 10 to 12 siitings.

Do I require maintenance procedure?

Sometimes yes sometime no.

Is microneedling RF (Radio Frequency) painful procedure?

Mild pain is there during procedure.

Is the result permanent?


Which are the typical areas treated by this procedure?

Mainly face but any part of the body can be treated.

What care require before and after microneedling RF (Radio Frequency) procedure?

Whatever instruction given by doctor. Use sunscreen and avoid irritating product on treated area.

How much will be recovery time?

1 to 2 days.

Can We Combine this microneedling RF (Radio Frequency) procedure with other procedures?

Yes, like –

Botulinum Toxin A.

Chemical Peel.

Derma Roller.



Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).



PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening (RF).

Thread Lift.

What are the side effects microneedling RF (Radio Frequency)?

The Immediately after the procedure, the face is warm, red and swollen and all will settle in 1 or 2 days.

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