Microdermabrasion/Skin Polishing

What is it microdermabrasion or skin polishing?

Microdermabrasion or skin polishing is a light cosmetic procedure that gently remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells. Microdermabrasion or skin polishing is a procedure to exfoliate or temporarily remove superficial layer of the skin. Much like brushing one’s teeth, Microdermabrasion or skin polishing helps to gently remove skin “plaque” and skin debris.

It is non-surgical procedure that abrades superficial layer of the skin.

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure. Doctor performe this procedure in-office.

It is a fairly simple, easy, painless, non-invasive, skin rejuvenation procedure using a combination of a fine abrasive tip or crystals and vacuum suction applied to the skin. Typically there are no needles or anesthetics required for microdermabrasion. The vacuum pressure and speed are adjusted depending on the sensitivity and tolerance of the skin.

How microdermabration works?

In this procedure tiny crystals are sprayed onto the skin to gently remove the outer layer of your skin. It is basically an exfoliation and skin rejuvenation procedure that leaves skin looking softer and brighter.

What are the indications of microdermabrasion?

Indications are –


• Photo damaged skin.

• Reduce fine lines & wrinkles.

• Reduce acne and shallow acne scars.

• To enhanced skin penetration by other skin creams and serums.

What are the contraindications of this procedure?

• Active infection on treatment site.

• Keloidal tendency.

• Sensitive Skin.

What are the advantages of microdermabrasion procedure?

• Safe.

• Easy.

• Very effective.

• It does not take much time to do the procedure.

• Dermatologist can do this procedure in OPD basis.

What are the disadvantages of this procedure?

• To find desire results, you have to do many sittings.

How much time required to do the procedure?

The procedure takes from 20 to 30 minutes.

How much gap require between two procedures?

2 to 4 weeks.

How many sittings of microdermabrasion required?

To see desire result you need multiple sittings and result varies from person to person.

Do I require touch up procedure?

Yes, treatment result is not permanent so you require touch up procedure.

Is microdermabrasion painful procedure?

No, microdermabrasion is often compared to the feeling of a cat licking the skin – a rough but gentle texture.

Is the result permanent?

No, treatment result is not permanent.

What care require before and after procedure?

After procedure, skin will be much more sensitive to sun exposure. It is best to keep out of the sun and wear sunscreen at all times after the procedure. Person should not use irritating products like glycolic acids, Retinoid products, Alpha Hydroxi Acid, since there is an often immediate increase minor skin sensitivity after microdermabrasion/Skin Polishing, .

How much will be recovery time?

Minimal to no recovery time. Most people immediately return to daily activity after a session.

Can this procedure be combined with other procedures?

Yes, to maximise desired result it can be combined with –

Botulinum Toxin A.

Chemical Peel.

Derma Roller.


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).


Microneedling RF (Radio Frequency).


PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening (RF).

Thread Lift.

What are the side effects of microdermabrasion procedure?

Some patients may experience temporary mild dryness, sun sensitivity, and rarely temporary bruising or scratches.

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